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Everyone deserves happiness, forgiveness, love and compassion starting with yourself. Healing is possible. A happy ending is possible and it is time to turn your life from a life of rags to a life of riches in every sense of the word: financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Heather Walton.jpg

Walton's life mission was to change her story’s ending, and she was incredibly determined to write it on her own and make it a magnificent story of success. However, her drive to change the course of her life was also motivated by her drive to help others who had gone through or are going through struggles to do the same and live the life we all want and deserve.

Upon meeting Heather Walton, her confidence and charm made many believe she was always glamorous and successful. However, the story of her life, including her fear of others judging her for her living situation as a child and a constant nagging feeling that life had something better to offer than her life on a tomato farm, shows it was anything but a cake-walk. Life has been a huge learning ground for her, in which she experienced abuse on so many levels, bankruptcy and struggles as a solo mom. Heather's journey will inspire countless other women who experienced similar traumas to start over at any age and heal the life wounds. She will prove that anyone can rewrite a story with a happy ending.

The Heather Walton.jpg
Heather Walton.jpg

Guided Meditation Teacher 

Real Estate Training Coach 

Holistic Life Mentor 

Keynote Speaker 

How to Create a Life Packed with Abundance 

Morning and Evening Rituals to Create the Real You

The Real Me Limited company was incorporated to not only be the business center but the heart center of all things Heather Walton, everything she represents and has learned in her lifetime which can now be shared with the world. The company promotes her speaking engagements, her book (s) more to come, her training and mentoring. 

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There is nothing more empowering than being able to look back on your struggles or trauma and know that it did not define you; that they simply gave you a few scars or characteristics that made you into the strong resilient person you are today.

In Rags to Riches to the Real Me, Heather Walton will show you that you can start over at any age and heal your life, rewriting your story with a happy ending. By following the 21 simple step-by-step exercises and making a daily ritual to recreate a life worth living, you can become someone that you can be proud of.

Heather Walton.jpg
What's Being Said

“As the leader of Ray White New Zealand, I am proud to support the nomination of Heather Walton for the Women of Influence Awards 2018. If I was to describe Heather in one word, is it Inspirational. She knows how to empower through engagement, which is a rare quality, certainly within the business community. Heather is a person with great initiative. Seeing an opportunity for the betterment of others is how Heather has successfully grown her ability to be one of the best real estate producers.


Heather’s leadership is evident through the mentoring and advice she gives in a humble way, which is taken on board by many of our team to be better at what they do. One of the remarkable outcomes for our group is that Heather gives back to our members through her simple approach to telling her story, which is seen by many as welcoming, but it is largely about hard work and a constant passion for doing things well.


Heather fits a person of significant influence. She is the first to say yes to any opportunity to help others grow. Heather is the first to say yes to supporting initiatives of collective commitment. She is dedicated to her family, and her influence on them is unmistakable. Heather Walton is a Woman of Influence.”

- Carey Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Ray White, New Zealand

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