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A self-taught self-help guru, Heather has walked the walk. Similar to becoming the No. 1 real estate salesperson in Ray White New Zealand, Heather now applies all her first hand life-learned skills towards creating a holistic approach to lifelong happiness. She has cherry picked the best goodies she has learned throughout her travels of India, Europe, and many other regions across the world while seeking out teachers and inspirational gurus. Heather believes you never stop learning and has taken the knowledge she acquired and presents them to others in an understandable and easy to implement way in simple step-by-step exercises.  She has done the hard work for you, meaning all you need to do is jump on her coat tails and enjoy the ride of your own rags to riches story.

With the struggles facing many of us in our day to day lives, we search for a particular solution to create personal health, wealth, happiness and overall well-being.


In Rags to Riches to the Real Me, Heather shares not only her life stories but 21 simple step-by-step exercises she followed in her journey to inspire you to do your own deep dive to implement the exercises into your daily routine to create your own rags to riches to the real you story. Making a daily ritual of following these exercises allows you to recreate your life into one worth living, turning you into someone you can be proud of.  

Learn more now about how to feature Rags to Riches to the Real Me, interview Heather, or invite her to speak at your event.

Heather Walton.jpeg
Heather Walton.jpg
What's Being Said

“Heather has had an impressive career spanning the last 20 years in which she has displayed the qualities of tenacity, strength, innovation and diligence that are the hallmarks of a Woman of Influence. Heather began her career as a legal executive. Over the ten years in this role, she oversaw some of the largest and most complex property transactions that had occurred in New Zealand up until that time including single handedly managing the subdivision of properties at the Viaduct in Auckland. Heather moved into selling real estate in 2009 as a single mother to her (then) toddler-aged son Harrison to fend for. In 2011, Heather moved to Ray White where she immediately rose to the top of the pile winning her first award in 2011 as an Elite Performer.  Since that time Heather has performed at the highest possible level as both a salesperson and business owner within the Ray White Group, gaining national and international awards and recognition.  However, it is the work that Heather has undertaken outside of this in mentoring other real estate agents, conducting teaching and motivational seminars and donating her time to charitable causes that truly defines her as a Women of Influence.” 

- Jacque Lethbridge

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