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“The crazy thing about life is that everything happens at the perfect time and in the perfect place, giving us the perfect lessons we need. Once you realize this, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of relief.”

 - Heather Walton

One-On-One Coaching with Heather

Thank you for expressing interest in One-On-One Coaching with Heather. Your submission will be carefully reviewed and we will be back in touch with you soon.

Once we establish a clear set of goals you want to achieve along with timelines, Heather can go about working on a strategy to manifest those into your life. Whether it is a business project you want to focus on, a health and well-being journey, or perhaps you want to find out what makes you happy simply. Heather will ensure you are supported and that things go at your pace. You will be able to start to see progress and find satisfaction in looking back and seeing how far you have come. Daily rituals and routines will be put in place that work with your real-life commitments, but they will be challenging and realistic to achieve. Heather will be there to check in, keep you accountable, and keep you on track.

Heather Walton.jpg
What's Being Said

“Heather is a true inspiration to me. It doesn’t matter what is going on in her life she gets up, puts a smile on her face, spends time being grateful then goes about having an incredible day. Heather has taught me that happiness is a choice. Even in her deepest darkest moments she chooses to be happy.”

- Saint Kentigern Private School

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